The GCLA church in Valencia, Venezuela was never supposed to be a GCLA church– which is a testament in and of itself what the Lord is doing through GCLA to bring Hope and Joy throughout Latin America.

Back in 1989, another church planting agency asked that GCLA would “loan” a few of its missionaries to help start a church in Venezuela, with the missionaries

[Hector Pineda and family] from Miami being able to leave after the church was off the ground.But in the midst of turmoil, the other missionaries ended up leaving and the church fell apart, save for the Pineda family who stayed.

The Pineda family remained in Venezuela, building relationships and developing a small church into what is now a booming congregation of more than 300 people today.

While the Venezuelan government has certainly put a damper on some of the churches opportunities to grow amidst fear of government backlash, the Lord has grown the church tremendously.

GCLA once sent mission teams to Venezuela, but in lieu of heightened tensions between the United States and Venezuelan governments, GCLA decided to discontinue its mission partnership with American churches temporary until it became more safe to travel to Venezuela.

As of November 2011, GCLA has been in discussion about forming a group of missionaries to venture to Venezuela yet again to rekindle the partnership and hopefully start up some more compassion projects in a country that desperately needs an influx of compassion.

Pastor:  Héctor Pineda, Vicente Palumbo 
: Sundays, 9:30am y 11:00am
Address: Calle Vargas, Edif Vargas, locales 1 y 2, detrás de la Torre Empresarial, Valencia
Phone: 584128805550

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