Our Story

GCLA: Our Story

In 1973, a young man named Nelson Guerra received Christ and decided to serve God with his life. He started a Bible Study at home, and later started the Tegucigalpa church.  With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the GCLA Movement spread around Honduras and later Central America. “In many aspects, the 70s were preparatory years,” Guerra said. “The 1980s is when it all started to ‘look like churches,’ both in San Pedro and in Tegus.” Gran Comisión Latino América (Great Commission Latin America) is an association of churches that are united with the same doctrine, central values, history and a common call to make disciples of Jesus Christ in all the nations! We are 33 churches in 9 different countries:  Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, México, Nicaragua, Panamá, United States, Venezuela. In 2002 efforts were made to plant a church in Miami –the capital of Latin America- and in Monterrey, Mexico in 2005.


GCLA is exploring now the opportunity to start a church in the Caribbean and South America, so that the Gospel can spread naturally as it happened from Honduras. In 2011, The Great Commission Latin America association of churches had expanded its reach to more than 4,000 church members, with overall attendance around 7,500 each week. There have been hundreds, maybe thousands, of baptisms since GCLA started in the 1970s. And we can only hope there will be hundreds or thousands more as the movement continues to grow and reach the lost for Christ.

“We currently have over 44 churches in 11 countries in Latin America. This is our reality for the glory of God!”

  • Mission
    To plant, develop and multiply churches in the Latin American world
  • Vision
    A growing church in every major city of Latin America
  • Financial Integrity
    GCLA is incorporated in the State of Florida as a Christian Not for Profit organization and has received the 501(c)3 status from the Internal Revenue Services. All donations given to GCLA are tax deductible according to the tax rules.
    As a Christian organization we thrive to provide high levels of financial trust and accountability to our members, partners and God. Your donation will go through a gift processing department, and tracked through an accounting reporting system.