Grace Point Church in Choluteca, Honduras - January 2024

Missions or Partnerships?

Regularly the news portray Latin countries that are on the brink of economic, political, social, cultural and moral collapse. Now more than ever, Latin American societies need the message of hope and transformation.


GCLA builds partnerships with US churches and ministries to strengthen its local churches and support these churches’ efforts to transform its communities with the Gospel.


Missionaries who visit GCLA churches’ project sites, besides developing strong ties to the local leaders, serve in holistic community development projects aimed at restoring the quality of life of individuals and their families. Our mission efforts are primarily directed to serve single mothers, the elderly, children and youth at risk.

Why Should I Go?

When you partner with GCLA, your church members will have the opportunity to work shoulder to shoulder with local committed believers and to apply their spiritual gifts and skills to lighten the emotional, physical and spiritual burden of people in underprivileged communities.


Are you an accountant? A watercolor painter? A cook? A mechanic? A computer specialist? A nurse? A pastor? Everyone will be put to work, equip, train and serve in your area of knowledge for greater results and experience.


GCLA will arrange your airline tickets, schedule, insurance, ground transportation, translation, housing, even help you focus on showing the love of Christ to those you serve.


Jesus said “let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father” (Mat 5:16); for us, partnerships in missions bring glory to God.


To find out more about GCLA missions please contact Gloria Perez at gloria.perez@igcla.com.

Mission trip registration are open for 2024.

Therefore Go!!! because how will they hear if there is none to tell them? how beautiful are the feet of the Gospel announcer.

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Partner with us to fulfill the great commission in Latin America.