La Libertad

La Libertad

La Libertad is a forgotten port on the Pacific Coast of El Salvador, home to more than 20,000 people who have to travel to San Salvador to work or survive off fishing and selling whatever is the catch of the day.

La Libertad is a poor town, yet is has become one of the most cohesive and love-driven churches.

The church began in 1991 when Victor Turcios started a small group to study the Bible. As Victor began to grow in leadership, he was asked to move to San Salvador and Ivo Claros was asked to move to La Libertad.

Ivo and his wife Marielos have overcome a lot of challenges of acceptance, health and finances. They have endured the test and the Lord has no doubt refined their faith and made them long for their Savior even more daily.

The church hosts mission trips, has quadrupled in size in the last four years and is a place of worship all week, whether through music, CDI or other social projects.

The church started small and has since grown to a congregation of around 150 people, with 9 different small groups.

La Libertad began its own CDI program in 2010, and is providing care for 28 kids at their development center. It hopes to add to that number as more sponsors are found for the kids waiting to join the program.

Pastor: Ivo Claros
Meetings: Sundays, 5:00pm
Address: Calle el litoral # 5, Playa Las Flores, Puerto de La Libertad, la Libertad, El salvador
Phone: 23462082