Guatemala City

Guatemala City

Raúl T. Williams

6 avenida, 2-27, Zona 13, Pamplona, Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala.

Sundays 10:00 am

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Twitter: @igcgt

Rolando Pineda:
Phone: (502) 5122-4871

Juan Chavarría
Phone: (502) 5562-8830

Historical Review:
In 1988, the leadership team of GCLA decided to plant a church in Guatemala City because it would be strategic for the advancement of the kingdom of God. A team composed of families from the churches of Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula was formed. The following year (1989) a second team was sent as support and reinforcement to the first. The church grew gradually and in 1992 a pastor from Tegucigalpa was assigned to take charge of it. Years later, a member of the same was recognized as a pastor and assumed the pastorate until 2013. It was in September of that same year that one of the pastors of the church of San Pedro Sula was transferred in order to pastor the Great Commission Guatemala Church.