Grace Point

What was your favorite part of the trip?

Presentation of the homes – it was such a blessing to see the joy and gratitude of the families, and by this to know we, for God’s glory, helped make change for them. It was very emotional, especially knowing our time was ending and we would have to say good bye to people who had become so special to us. Within the building, Ana (new homeowner) expressed her gratitude for having a concrete floor (only ever having a dirt and wood one before); she explained with teary eyes that it was her favorite part of the new home. Being able to share my love for Jesus with kids and the Gospel in a foreign land (VBS/neighborhoods) was amazing. Translators helped so much! At the family homes, finding two boys who spoke English, I so much enjoyed sharing and talking about our favorite Bible verses. It was my first mission with a team, so experiencing the unity of that in cooperation, work, and passion was a blessing. We grew as individuals and as a group. Getting time to spend with the individual members of the families for whom we built homes- this was INCREDIBLE! Seeing God’s love penetrate cultural and language barriers is life changing.