In August of 1999, Angel Amador moved from Tegucigalpa, being a deacon in charge of planting the church that would later be named pastor. Together with his family he served the church until 2005, where he travels to Managua to plant a church in that city.
Arriving in the same year in June 2005 Marlon Chavez and family as manager of the church being in charge for 6 years and then returning to Tegucigalpa for reasons of health of his wife.
In May of 2010 the church is already in its own place for meetings, along with the missionary trips it carries out different activities in the community such as evangelism and helping families with food, donations of beds, clothes and shoes.
Arriving in 2012 pastor Berman Bardales as supervisor of the church until January 2014.
Deacons remaining in the care of each growth group, renting several locations to hold general church meetings.

In January 2014, Pastor Angel Amador, pastor of the church in Managua, began as the supervising pastor of the church in Danli until January 2016.
Currently in the church works a C.D.I (Child Development Center) where 15 children benefit near the church.
In January 2016 he is appointed as pastor of Danli Osca Mauricio Gutiérrez.

The address of the Residential Church los laureles 3rd street entrance to the ceibita panamericana highway
Meetings. They are Saturdays at 6:30 p.m.

Thursday and Friday we have meetings of growth groups with five groups.

On Facebook is the page Church Great Commission Danli.