Regularly the news portray Latin countries that are on the brink of economic, political, social, cultural and moral collapse. Now more than ever, Latin American societies need the message of hope and transformation. GCLA builds partnerships with US churches and ministries to strengthen its local churches and support these churches’ efforts to transform its communities with the Gospel.

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Missionaries who visit GCLA churches’ project sites, besides developing strong ties to the local leaders, serve in holistic community development projects aimed at restoring the quality of life of individuals and their families. Our mission efforts are primarily directed to serve single mothers, the elderly, children and youth at risk.

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Church Planting

The best approach to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ is through church planting. GCLA began with the vission of starting a movement of churches across the Spanish speaking world. We currently have more than 44 churches in 11 countries. By 2020 we will open and develop at least 5 new churches. Join us by giving financially to help missional leaders plant new churches in new places for new people throughout the Spanish world.