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Pastor Sergio Handal visita IGC Valencia, VE


“If we can win the university today, we will win the world tomorrow.”  

Dr Bill Bright (Founder of Campus Crusade)

I concur with Dr. Bright’s words

College students are living and learning at the crossroads of ideas that ultimately shape the direction of the world, reason that they can become the most influential and powerful shapers of tomorrow.

The two most important developmental windows in a person’s life come between ages 0-5 and 18-25.  College years are the most vital window for instilling church planting into the lives of individuals. If engaged in a church plant during college, students see church planting as normative for Christians.

Carlos Lagos
Church planter in Heredia’s university

H@ngout – a college church plant

Over four years ago, Carlos Lagos, leader in the college ministry of the GCLA church in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, moved to San Jose, Costa Rica, to assist in the planting of a GCLA church in that city.Through firsthand experience, Carlos learned the basics of church planting, and this year made a leap of faith to plant the church in Heredia, a college town with the largest concentration of colleges in the country.  

The public university in Heredia has over 19,000 students of which 80% are from rural areas.
W E   C R E A T E  S P A C E S   |    W E   G R O W   T O G E T H E R   |
W E  C O N N E C T  T H E M  T O  J E S U S

Heredia’s university church plant strategy is simple:

  1. Concentrate Gospel outreach efforts in areas of the university that students frequently visit, and create spaces to build personal relationships through service
  2. Develop communities of friends who share life-changing spiritual experiences and live out their faith in ways that inspire others to join them
  3. Micro-multiplication – making disciples of Christ one person at a time
H@ngout promo video
In January of 2018, Carlos Lagos started a Bible study with new believers in an outdoors students hangout spot at the university. In the Spring, with the assistance of U.S. short-term mission teams, the Bible study grew, leading to its first public outdoors service in June with 70 students in attendance. Since it’s the rainy season in Costa Rica, Carlos is looking for a house near the university that would serve as a hangout place for students to have spiritual conversations while enjoying a “cup of joe” in a relaxing ambience.

Join me in praying for Carlos and his church planting team as they embark on reaching students with the Gospel and building a disciple-making culture.

Nelson Guerra, GCLA’s Founder & Director

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